​The 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing--Bionic Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence (MEIM--BMAI 2022)
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MEIM 2022 & MEIM-BMAI 2022 were successfully held on June 11th, 2022

MEIM 2022 & MEIM-BMAI丨 Conference Review


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Conference Opening Speeches



Keynote Speeches


Prof. Zexiang Shen

Nanyang Technological University

Speech Title: Tailoring Electrooptical Properties of hybrid Perovskites with Pressure 


Prof. Yande Liu

East China Jiaotong University

Speech Title: The Equipment and Applications of Laser Speckle Non-destructive Testing Technology


Prof. Yaguo Lei

Xi'an Jiaotong University 

Speech Title: Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Mechanical Equipment 


Prof. Tao Ye

Southern University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Passive Sensing with Embroidered Electronics


A Prof. Wei  Zhai

National University of Singapore 

Speech Title: Nature-inspired hierarchical structures via 3D printing of emulsion inks 


Prof, Yihui Zhang

Tsinghua University  

Speech Title: Mechanics-driven designs of soft network materials and their applications in bio-integrated devices


Hao Zhao

Beijing 3DP Technology Inc.

Speech Title: Progress in Binder Jetting Based Metal Additive Manufacturing


A Prof. Xiaogang Liu

Wuhan University of Technology

Speech Title:  Investigation of Squeal Noise based on Mode Coupling and Negative Damping Theory


A Prof. Hongtao Tang

Wuhan University of Technology 

Speech Title:  Intelligent scheduling and the development & application of MES system in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing


Prof. Bin Liu

Dalian University of Technology 

Speech Title: Personalized Computer-Assisted Medicine Based on Graphics and Image Processing


Prof. Shaojian Zhang

Nanchang University 

Speech Title: Dynamic characteristics and its influence on surface generation in ultra-precision machining


Director/professor Yunfeng Song

Sunny Optical Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd

Speech Title: Technology of non-contact laser 3D dynamic inspection and diagnosis


Oral Presentations


Oral Speech 1: Shengqi Pan, Tsinghua University     

Title: Damping properties of epoxy nanocomposite beams reinforced with carbon nanotube and graphene nanoplatelet

Oral Speech 2: Jiajun Cui, North University of China 

Title: Study on the influence of structural parameters of piezoelectric transducer on its performance

Oral Speech 3: Wenliang Gao, Tsinghua University 

Title: Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pyroshock Attenuation via Periodic Rods

Oral Speech 4: Songsong Zhang, Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of the Ministry of Education, Guizhou University 

Title: AI-assisted manufacturing robots in smart workshops

Oral Speech 5: Yanan Zhang, Tsinghua University 

Title: Effect of base oil lubrication properties on magnetorheological fluids

Oral Speech 6: Heng Liu, North University of China 

Title: Research on Rolling bearing fault diagnosis method based on sparse decomposition

Oral Speech 7: Chen Xingyu, Southeast University

Title: Research on emergency management of mechanical equipment in UHV project based on blockchain technology

Oral Speech 8: Kaiqiang Yan, North University of China 

Title: Simulation Study on Influence of Cutting Parameters on Cutting ForceWhen Milling Titanium Alloy with Face Milling Cutter

Thank you for your participations!

We look forward to seeing you again next year!